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Ireland: the best country in the world to do business
July 2015
Ireland is one of the best places in the world to do business and continues to be one of the favoured global locations for investment by international companies.

Our pro-business environment, low corporate tax rates and the availability of a young, well-educated and skilled work force have helped us attract hundreds of foreign companies to locate here. In addition, costs in property, rents, services and labour have fallen over the last five years significantly increasing our cost competitiveness.

In the following booklet, we outline some of the benefits of choosing Ireland as a location for your business. Whether you are considering establishing in Ireland for the first time, are considering expanding into Europe or already have an established European presence and are looking to future expansion, we hope this publication serves as a valuable resource for you.

Doing Business in Ireland

Please feel free to give us a call or drop us a mail.  We look forward to exploring with you the opportunities and benefits Ireland offers as a location for your business.
Check out some of IDA Ireland's publications, infographics and videos on what makes Ireland a great business location: 

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