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Advertising, Digital and Sponsorship
The business world is more aware than ever of the need to effectively market its products or services.  Businesses need to interact with their consumers and the community.  Advertising, utilising digital media and sponsorship are vital elements to any organisation, whether it is a rights holder or a brand.  At Beauchamps we are well placed to advise both the modern brand and the rights holder in the global marketplace.  We will provide you with practical advice in a cost-effective manner because we will listen to you and get to understand your organisation. 
Our experienced Advertising, Digital and Sponsorship (ADS) team will assist your organisation in ensuring that your advertising plans comply with current legislation and guidelines.  We will assist you in developing online and viral advertising within the confines of privacy laws and provide clearance advice on advertising copy, passing off, trademark infringement, competitions and promotions.
Digital media is fast becoming the leading way for organisations to communicate with consumers. We advise on all aspects including content, online marketing, protecting your intellectual property (including trade marks and brands), drafting of and compliance with guidelines and regulations, defamation, data protection, confidentiality, ensuring necessary clauses are included in any sponsorship agreements, and how to best exploit your organisation’s property while protecting your organisation’s interests.
Organisations continue to require support, both financial and other, and businesses still need to interact with their consumers and the community.  Sponsorship and corporate social responsibility (CSR) still make commercial sense and deliver returns and not just in the realm of sports.  Community events, the arts and local awards are just some areas which provide sponsorship opportunities.  Businesses are realising the benefits to be gained through sponsorship as one facet of a general business ethos of CSR. 
It is important that any company wishing to get involved in sponsorship is aware of the intricacies of business, contract and media law and, if the agreement is sports related, sports law.  The sponsorship agreement is an important tool for both parties.  It ensures that the rights holder fully utilises its commercial assets while protecting its rights and interests and that the sponsor realises all available benefits from the resulting affiliation. 
Beauchamps Solicitors has been involved in some of the country’s largest sponsorship deals and has worked closely with and formed strong professional relationships with many of the top marketeers in Ireland. We also advise a number of top brands and retailers, importers, manufacturers, distributors and franchisors. We offer you the breadth and depth of our experience with transactional work, media and sports law, product law and compliance, as well as in issues of business strategy, intellectual property rights and social networks.
We often as act as a one stop shop for our clients, serving a variety of their business needs – from starting to expanding the business to day to day operations to regulatory concerns.
We provide advice on all aspects of advertising, utilising digital media and sponsorship including:
  • advertising restrictions;
  • ambush marketing;
  • comparative advertising
  • competition law issues;
  • consumer protection;
  • contracts
  • data protection; 
  • defamation;
  • franchising;
  • image rights;
  • intellectual property (copyright, trademark, signage and branding);
  • labelling and packaging issues;
  • legal guidelines to sales and marketing;
  • online marketing;
  • parallel imports;
  • pricing;
  • Product liability, product recall and government / authority enforcement
  • regulation and legislation; and
  • renewal and termination clauses.
  • Supply chain, procurement and logistics

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Including the business previously carried on by Landwell in Ireland.