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Close Involvement
At Beauchamps, we become closely involved with our clients in the creation and development of our client’s business. Our focus is on giving strategic, commercial legal advice. We advise on all aspects of franchising including development agreements, master, regional, multiple and unit franchise agreements, property considerations, intellectual property aspects, network acquisitions and sales and disputes. Beauchamps is regarded as a market leader, with Franchising Group Head Imelda Reynolds recommended as one of the country’s leading franchise lawyers in the “International Who’s Who of Franchise Lawyers” for the last two years.
The European Franchising Network
Internationally, Beauchamps is a member of the European Franchising Network, www.europeanfranchising.com, an on-line information resource service for businesses considering using franchising as a way of developing their market in Europe. Europeanfranchising.com offers a seamless one stop on-line service for all franchising matters within all EU Member States. It aims to save franchisors time and money by making available to them relevant commercial and legal information on franchising in the EU.
  • Drafting of franchise agreements
  • Advice on the rights and obligations of franchisor and franchisee
  • Enforcement of terms of franchise agreements
  • Advice on the suitability of franchising as a tool in expanding your business
  • Competition law aspects of franchising
  • Property considerations
  • Intellectual property aspects

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Including the business previously carried on by Landwell in Ireland.