It has been widely described as a “game-changer” as it overhauls the manner in which all businesses and organisations handle personal data. Significant penalties can be imposed for breaches so doing nothing is not an option.

GRPR is a reality for all businesses / organisations that hold data about individuals. It is not too late to start your GDPR preparations, including setting objectives, creating a project team and allocating a budget and resources. The time to act is now.

Guide to the GDPR

We have examined the key provisions of the GDPR and the key steps organisations need to take to ensure compliance with the GDPR by the deadline, and created a helpful guide to support businesses in their preparations for its impact.

Download Beauchamps' GDPR guide

View Beauchamps' GDPR guide.

GDPR updates

Beauchamps' data protection team will continue to assess the implications of the GDPR and its impact on organisations. Relevant resources will be added below on an ongoing basis. 

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